Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays From Atlanta Bicycle Chic

IMG_1188 Yes, that is rain on the window behind me, making Christmas Eve a better day for reflection than style hunting. One year ago I resolved to put more men, local designs and designers and people of a certain age on the blogs. All this came to pass; thank you, Atlanta. Looking ahead, it is my hope that 2013 will be a story of collaborations. Already reciprocal portraits here and on Atlanta Heydays have set the precedent. Planning is afoot for a compare and contrast, street style photo op with blogger Terence S. Jones. Be they clairvoyance or harmony with larger rhythms, these omens bode well for the year to come.

On The Road: Savannah

IMG_0305 IMG_0486

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Street Scene: North Highland At PATH

IMG_1120 IMG_1126 sweater and shoes: Vans
bag: Chrome
shades: Ray-Ban

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Heels On Wheels December Ride

IMG_0046 IMG_0035 IMG_0047 IMG_0036 From fans of the Houston Dynamo to those of VĂ©lo Orange, their favored blend of yellow and red found expression in the December Heels On Wheels ride. See more great looks on facebook.
Atlanta Bicycle Coalition

Monday, November 12, 2012

Street Scene: The Autumn Classic

01-IMG_9235 56-IMG_9445 03-IMG_9243 55-IMG_9442 08-IMG_9257 25-IMG_9329 12-IMG_9266 21-IMG_9295 13-IMG_9268 14-IMG_9274 34-IMG_9356 After a week of fluctuating forecasts from sixty-six (!) to seventy-one (gulp) degrees, I rode Saturday in shorts and two shirts. Tweed tomorrow? The weather gods smiled upon us because a delightful chill and wan sunshine greeted the jolly and stylish crew in Decatur Square Sunday. That riders gathered well in advance of the two o'clock starting hour showed a deep wellspring of enthusiasm. Original looks and sweet rides abounded. Here are but a few highlights. For more such goodness, please look at and consider posting your images to the flickr group Houndstooth Road Autumn Tweed & Vintage Ride 11/11/12 and the ride's facebook page.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

Save The Date: Autumn Classic Tweed Ride

IMG_8831 IMG_4873 Come to bike-friendly Decatur on Sunday, November 11 for a leisurely celebration of autumn color, classic style and city cycling. Riders will gather at the new Sq./Ft Boutique, 149 Sycamore Street, for the 2 pm departure. RSVP via facebook.
See you there!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bike Week At Georgia Tech

IMG_8589 IMG_8686 IMG_8672 IMG_8701 IMG_8666 Climbing Atlanta's hilly terrain can be a struggle, but so is coping with gridlock. After the campus tour with Georgia Tech President Bud Peterson, I reluctantly returned the borrowed viaCycle, swapping its relative freedom for the straitened and stressed environment of the roads at peak traffic. Memories of the ride sustained me through drive home. As befits a bike that must be all things to everyone, the viaCycle frame is a step-through design rolling on fat tires. Novices will find it reassuringly stable. When I deliberately struck a pothole, the cushy ride softened the blow. Neither fast nor sluggish, its three speed hub made light work of the climb up to the Fifth Street Bridge. A bell would be welcome amid so much pedestrian traffic. Thank you, Johann Weber and Georgia Tech Bike Week.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Street Scene: The Eastside BeltLine Dedication

IMG_8124 1994_34 IMG_6670 IMG_8098 IMG_8103 This urban corridor was a different sort of place when I first dared to explore it on a spring morning of 1994. Overgrown in kudzu and home to an underground culture, the disused tracks were an hostile environment. As Mayor Kasim Reed remarked this morning, clean up crews were lucky not to have found a dead body. Mine, perhaps. Nor did I return from the walk with a plan for urban renewal. That distinction belongs to Ryan Gravel, whose Master's thesis at Georgia Tech gave Atlanta the blueprint. It was his vision and the contributions of many BeltLine supporters that a sizable crowd gathered this morning to celebrate with the dedication of the Eastside Trail. Now it is possible to ride from Piedmont Park to Sweet Auburn in ten minutes without having to contend with motor traffic. But what's the rush? Pause to admire the art installations, great city views and derring-do on display in the Old 4th Ward Skatepark. All of this is only the beginning of what many believe to be the best thing ever to happen in Atlanta.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

At The Grant Park Farmers' Market

IMG_8052 IMG_8051 Many cyclists pad their top tubes for portability, so seeing this Pashley Roadster so fitted gave me pause to consider who would carry his fifty pound bike up and down stairs as if it were a fixie? Think instead of a jump seat for his daughter to ride side-saddle.

Friday, October 12, 2012

At Georgia Tech: 5th Street Redefined

IMG_7932 IMG_7936 IMG_7935 IMG_7948 IMG_8004 IMG_7994 Why are east and west-bound traffic flows so restricted in Midtown Atlanta? The north and south rivers move in one-way arteries called Juniper, Piedmont, Spring and West Peachtree. Turn ninety degrees and your paths over the Downtown Connector become the two-way veins of 17th, 14th 10th and tiny 5th, which makes a constricting dogleg turn where it crosses mighty West Peachtree. Georgia Tech brings a significant volume of pedestrian traffic to the mix there and was a key player in the solution unveiled today, which included the efforts of City Hall, the Midtown Alliance and a grant from Bikes Belong. Now we have a "Copenhagen Left", beautifully illustrated by Joshuah Mello in this facebook album. Riders will have to adjust to turning left from the right lane, but do have a traffic signal for that purpose.
There is more to come. Both Mayor Kasim Reed and colorful, fixie-riding City Councilman Kwanza Hall affirmed their commitments to cycling infrastructure as a way of keeping Atlanta in the vanguard of American cities. Georgia Tech has risen to the occasion by developing an application for smartphones that will track urban cycle commuting so leaders and planners can see who rides when, where and why. Get yours from Cycle Atlanta.
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