Monday, November 12, 2012

Street Scene: The Autumn Classic

01-IMG_9235 56-IMG_9445 03-IMG_9243 55-IMG_9442 08-IMG_9257 25-IMG_9329 12-IMG_9266 21-IMG_9295 13-IMG_9268 14-IMG_9274 34-IMG_9356 After a week of fluctuating forecasts from sixty-six (!) to seventy-one (gulp) degrees, I rode Saturday in shorts and two shirts. Tweed tomorrow? The weather gods smiled upon us because a delightful chill and wan sunshine greeted the jolly and stylish crew in Decatur Square Sunday. That riders gathered well in advance of the two o'clock starting hour showed a deep wellspring of enthusiasm. Original looks and sweet rides abounded. Here are but a few highlights. For more such goodness, please look at and consider posting your images to the flickr group Houndstooth Road Autumn Tweed & Vintage Ride 11/11/12 and the ride's facebook page.

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