Friday, October 31, 2014

Bike Stylish

About Bike Stylish  Bike Stylish - Google Chrome 10312014 102132 AM.bmp Inspiring you to ditch your car & Bike Stylish, Colorado bloggers Jeanne Eisenhaure and Tanya Dueri know the value of collaboration in their advocacy for cycling. Their offer to share with a wider audience what we are doing in Atlanta proved irresistible and became this re-posting of Roll Model Ann Shen.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Roll Model: Shayna Pollock

IMG_0675 IMG_0265 I try to use my bicycle to understand Atlanta. A passionate urban planner, I’m obsessed with the way cities live, work, and breathe. Riding on two wheels enables me to notice the off the beaten path buildings, the bustling neighborhood parks, and the tiny details of this city that give it character. Of course, I also notice the pot holes, the construction plates and Atlanta’s oft-bizarre street grid. However, I feel certain I wouldn’t see and experience the city the same way if I was a car driver speeding through.

I ride Linus, my early 1980s red road bike, everywhere. As my mom says, “Shayna and Linus have a thing.” We really do. I bought him at a used bicycle shop in Athens during college, and we’ve been inseparable (other than a stint abroad) ever since. He’s my primary mode of transportation and my permanent adventure buddy.

About 2.5 years ago, I left the US for a while and lived in the Netherlands (and a couple of other places). There, bicycling culture is so different. It’s the norm to cycle everywhere, and the pace of city cycling is much more leisurely. Since I didn’t even know anyone with a car there, I had to depend on my little Dutch bike to get me everywhere, even when I had huge items (see: campfire wood, an entire box of bananas, and a rolling duffel). Developing that self-sufficiency abroad really inspired my cycling habit once I returned home. Now each grocery store run, Home Depot purchase, or commute to work is a reminder of the independence and mobility that a bicycle affords.

Now, I commute to work in Downtown from Reynoldstown, and I truly enjoy it more every day. Because Wylie and Edgewood are such popular bicycling corridors, I’m making friends on the ride to work. It’s nice to chat with fellow cyclists at red lights and it’s a human connection that I certainly wouldn’t get if I was inside a vehicle. Plus, more and more people are joining the ranks every day. The bicycling community in Atlanta is so strong and welcoming. I’ve loved being a part of it so far and I look forward to watching it grow as our infrastructure expands over the next few years.

Shayna Pollock

Thursday, October 16, 2014

At Casa Poventud: Ciderfest

IMG_0194 Just the print to wear to Ciderfest! IMG_0173 This being Atlanta, pedal power turned the mill. IMG_0186 Pressing cider from apples requires crowd sourced muscle. IMG_0189 IMG_0174 People continue to post memories to the Ciderfest facebook page.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Roll Model: Aubrey Hake

IMG_0060 IMG_7566 It’s no secret that the Atlanta bike scene is on the rise, if not flourishing in its own right. As a recent Colorado transplant, this is a familiar taste of home. I molded my way of life around riding a town bike (Fort Collins is quite flat); my style of dress, the places I shopped, almost everything I needed I accessed on my bike.

I must admit I haven’t biked much since my arrival. Differences in weather (rain, heat, humidity, oh my!) and my single speed cruiser restrict my travel comfort and distance (and the hills! Respect to the Atlanta riders!). Limited to running errands on the BeltLine and jaunts through Piedmont Park, I am slowly finding ways to venture out. The Atlanta Streets Alive last Sunday provided another exploration opportunity and how exciting to see the turn out, the events and activities!

It is inspiring to see so many dedicated individuals that passionately pedal the way for more to have safer conditions and the comfort and comraderie of other cyclists. The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition is the first organization I sought out upon my arrival in town and a valuable resource and inspiration as a new urban rider.

The Atlanta Bicycle Challenge motivated me to attempt a ride to work via the BeltLine and Piedmont Park. After running out of bike lane and safe path, I walked the last few blocks. In the meantime I’ll keep this up, but it is definitely time to get a commuter bike!

As the Phoenix represents the City of Atlanta, I believe it also represents the spirit of the biking community. The riders here have found a way, through the chaotic traffic, hills, weather, and road conditions, to do what brings joy and freedom from a car-centric society. I have found inspiration in each individual I meet to keep trying every day to make one more adjustment (fix that chain, tighten those handlebars, get some rain gear). They prove it can be done, and they are enriching the community with every pedal.

Aubrey Hake

Friday, October 3, 2014

At The Seersucker Social: Act VI

IMG_8960 IMG_9396 My thoughts turn this soggy Friday morning to a balmy afternoon of one month ago, when a merry band of cyclists paused for King Of Pops. Take heart: our weekend forecast is cool, dry and sunny: an ideal climate for the Terminus 5C and Sunday In The Park.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

At Octane: fashion / flora // sown / style

IMG_0682 kwan fashion flora sown style Curated by blogger Elizabeth Chai of Sunday's Best Vintage, fashion / flora // sown / style opens Friday night at The Jane in Grant Park. Floral paintings by Christina Kwan of tide & bloom are paired with street fashion portraits from this blog to enliven the hallway walls outside of Octane and The Little Tart. 437 Memorial Drive | 7-11pm
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