Monday, October 6, 2014

Roll Model: Aubrey Hake

IMG_0060 IMG_7566 It’s no secret that the Atlanta bike scene is on the rise, if not flourishing in its own right. As a recent Colorado transplant, this is a familiar taste of home. I molded my way of life around riding a town bike (Fort Collins is quite flat); my style of dress, the places I shopped, almost everything I needed I accessed on my bike.

I must admit I haven’t biked much since my arrival. Differences in weather (rain, heat, humidity, oh my!) and my single speed cruiser restrict my travel comfort and distance (and the hills! Respect to the Atlanta riders!). Limited to running errands on the BeltLine and jaunts through Piedmont Park, I am slowly finding ways to venture out. The Atlanta Streets Alive last Sunday provided another exploration opportunity and how exciting to see the turn out, the events and activities!

It is inspiring to see so many dedicated individuals that passionately pedal the way for more to have safer conditions and the comfort and comraderie of other cyclists. The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition is the first organization I sought out upon my arrival in town and a valuable resource and inspiration as a new urban rider.

The Atlanta Bicycle Challenge motivated me to attempt a ride to work via the BeltLine and Piedmont Park. After running out of bike lane and safe path, I walked the last few blocks. In the meantime I’ll keep this up, but it is definitely time to get a commuter bike!

As the Phoenix represents the City of Atlanta, I believe it also represents the spirit of the biking community. The riders here have found a way, through the chaotic traffic, hills, weather, and road conditions, to do what brings joy and freedom from a car-centric society. I have found inspiration in each individual I meet to keep trying every day to make one more adjustment (fix that chain, tighten those handlebars, get some rain gear). They prove it can be done, and they are enriching the community with every pedal.

Aubrey Hake

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