Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bike Week At Georgia Tech

IMG_8589 IMG_8686 IMG_8672 IMG_8701 IMG_8666 Climbing Atlanta's hilly terrain can be a struggle, but so is coping with gridlock. After the campus tour with Georgia Tech President Bud Peterson, I reluctantly returned the borrowed viaCycle, swapping its relative freedom for the straitened and stressed environment of the roads at peak traffic. Memories of the ride sustained me through drive home. As befits a bike that must be all things to everyone, the viaCycle frame is a step-through design rolling on fat tires. Novices will find it reassuringly stable. When I deliberately struck a pothole, the cushy ride softened the blow. Neither fast nor sluggish, its three speed hub made light work of the climb up to the Fifth Street Bridge. A bell would be welcome amid so much pedestrian traffic. Thank you, Johann Weber and Georgia Tech Bike Week.

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