Monday, October 1, 2012

Heels On Wheels September Ride

IMG_6905 IMG_6901 IMG_6907 IMG_6898 IMG_6911 IMG_6903 IMG_6908 IMG_6922 Change is good. After a year of Saturday evening rides departing from Woodruff Park, Rebecca Serna moved the hour to a Sunday brunch and the venue to a bike-friendly neighborhood. For August, Decatur and Houndstooth Road played host. September riders met in Grant Park at the shared home of SOPO Bicycle Cooperative and Woodward Cyclery. From bits to buy and advice for that diy project to custom remixed bicycles, all may be found under one roof at 586 Woodward Avenue. Heels On Wheels is a service of The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition.


  1. I love Copenhagen Cycle Chic, I didn't know we had our own version here in Atlanta. You're getting a link on my blog page.

    1. Thanks : ) 'Tis safe to say this blog would not exist without the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition.


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