Saturday, May 12, 2012

At The Piedmont Park Green Market

IMG_0606-001 It weighs 375 pounds, requires battery, human and propane power, contains twenty solenoids, seven forward gears, three wheels and one bellows, all to make its very own good vibrations. Cue the Jeopardy! theme. IMG_0599-001 Renaissance man Larry Barefield knows: What is Bikebeans? Ladies and gentlemen, behold the world's first and only pipe organ-coffee roaster-tricycle. Built right here in Atlanta, this gizmo provides, among other things, "the freshest coffee you'll ever sink a tooth in," promises Barefield. The man knows beans and has roasted "just about every coffee there is". His signature blend balances the bright notes of Kenyan with the somber, earthy qualities of Sumatran and just enough Columbian "to keep the two from bumping into each other." IMG_0617 Now that you're caffeinated, feel like dancing? Those twenty solenoids act upon as many organ pipes, each a masterpiece of hand crafting. Don't tell the monkey that all is orchestrated from an iPhone. IMG_0598-001 'Tis a sure bet Barefield's retirement will be an active one. The micro-roaster boasts a capacity of nine pounds per hour. Look for his traveling show Saturday mornings in the park, at food truck events or just follow your ears and nose to


  1. Wow! This is inventive, fun, and somehow sophisticated all at once (roasted coffee and organs!). I love seeing creative people like this - they are what make cities sing. Keep rockin' and rollin', Larry. :)

    1. Thanks, Dottie. Love the new look of LGRAB. Have a great Cyclofemme : )


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