Sunday, January 8, 2012

Heels On Wheels January Ride

IMG_8984 IMG_9018 IMG_8993 IMG_9002 IMG_8991 IMG_8997 IMG_8988 On an unseasonably warm January afternoon in the face of potential rain, these four intrepid cyclists took to the streets for fun and fellowship. Before long, a late arrival joined the northbound parade on Peachtree Street. Most tardy Atlantans blame traffic. Her excuse? Helping a friend chose a new bicycle! Read about it on her blog, Prima Cyclorina. Our growing movement is part of something larger. We've been noticed by Vélo Vogue, Let's Go Ride A Bike and Copenhagen Cycle Chic. Bikes are good for our health, good for the ecology and a joy to ride. Visit the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition website for lots of ways to get involved.

1 comment:

  1. So sad to have missed you at Heels on Wheels, Cameron!

    I recently posted the closure my friend's bicycle buying / heels on wheels experience. Read all about it here:

    Hope to catch you next time!


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